Gentle chiropractic by an experienced chiropractor in the heart of Brisbane

Comfortable techniques: There are many people in the Brisbane CBD looking for the results that chiropractic can offer but some have concerns about whether treatment will be comfortable. This is our niche. Dr Stefan Becker has developed the reputation as the "Gentle Chiropractor". He uses a range of gentle yet effective techniques and will only use a technique if the patient is comfortable with it. If you are unsure, come in and talk to Dr Becker. You'll be surprised how simple and gentle treatment can be.

Experience: In chiropractic, experience is everything. Dr Becker has been in practice for 22 years (15 years in the Brisbane city centre), working with babies right through to the elderly. He has plenty of experience with the pregnant, sports people, trades people and office workers with their sedentary lifestyle.

Genuine people: We treat our patients like friends and family. Becker Chiropractic prides itself on being genuine in all aspects of our service and showing we care. We want our practice to be a place that people love to visit.

No Obligation: At Becker Chiropractic, there are no lock-in treatment plans. We give recommendations, then you decide what level of care suits your values and budget.

What we treat: We specialise in conditions relating to the spine and pelvis-but keep in mind, spinal problems can cause more than just lower back pain, mid back, and neck pain! The nerves from the neck travel to the head and arms so are major causes of headaches, arm pain, and pins and needles in the hands. Nerves from the lower back join to form the sciatic nerve, the irritation of which is the main cause of sciatica (sciatic pain in the buttocks or leg). In fact the nerves that exit the spine go to every part of the body, including all of your organs, so chiropractic can influence many health problems.

If you are looking for a Chiropractor, we would love to hear from you.
We are in the CBD across the road from Brisbane City central train station.