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Why is Chiropractic care (and exercise) so important to the health of your spine?

by Brisbane CBD Chiropractic

In this new millennium, humans live for a long time. If you go back even a few centuries, the average life expectancy was almost half what it is today. What is supporting your whole body weight, day in, day out, through all the crazy things we do to ourselves? The spine. Not only is the spine the founding framework to your whole body, it also has to move freely and fully protect your central nervous system. Pretty important, eh?


Now, we brush our teeth every day. Twice in fact. Why is that?
Because we want our teeth to last for our entire lifetime. Makes sense.


We service our cars regularly. We spend quite a bit of money on this too, I’m sure you’ll agree. Why would we do that?
Because we want our car to last for as long as possible, trouble free. Fair enough.


So, we service things that are important to us.


So, how is it that people don’t expect to have to service that structure that supports their entire body weight for 80+ years? The thing that cradles their very central nervous system? Isn’t that more important than teeth, or a machine that they can travel in from A to B in? (Out of the three, the spine is the only one that you can’t buy a new one of.)


Chiropractic (and healthy exercise I might add) mobilises the joints of the spine, breaks up adhesions that form between the joint surfaces, stimulates the release of spinal joint fluids, stretches intrinsic spinal muscles and capsular ligaments, restores range of motion, increases proprioceptive (movement) feedback to the movement coordinators of the brain, and promotes blood flow in the supporting muscles of the spine. It can isolate specific areas of poor spinal motion, and restore that motion so there is even shock absorption throughout the spine. Exercise can’t even do that. Why is that important? (Imagine the effect of uneven shock absorbers in your car throughout decades. Would some area degenerate quicker than others?)


You only have to witness a few people struggling desperately with their spine, see their horrible quality of life, to understand why looking after your spine is so important.


No chiropractic, or no exercise? You’d have to be crazy.